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Ever since I was little, I always liked to build things when I was at school, I built my very first coffee table when I was only 8 years old.

After leaving school, I did a lot of different jobs but never found anything I honestly enjoyed completely, however when it came to making my own place look nice, decorating it and just building my own furniture, I had a light-bulb moment and realized it’s something I absolutely love and I want to pursue this and create my own DIY business.

This is where CJ Simpson DIY Company was born, and thanks to Lock-down my business has had my full attention and grown over the last year, I have been able to sort out the company itself, meet new people and promote it all around Edinburgh.

I have high-hopes for this company and make your designs come to life and I am happy to help to create your DIY dreams come true.

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Always LOW Prices

Always LOW Prices

We Pride Ourselves on our Commitment to Provide a Professional and Speedy Service.

We Pride Ourselves on our Commitment to Provide a Professional and Speedy Service.

Maintain the Highest Quality of Work

Maintain the Highest Quality of Work

Our Reviews

CJ really did a smashing job for me and my family by hanging my mirror exactly the way I want it and also setting up the trampoline for my siblings never not done it before but it turned oht perfect like a professional he is and also locking my living room door and unlocking my mums box it was honestly magical I was so speechless and the service is a 10/10 , lovely communicationas skills and very friendly and gets the job done in a day without delay!!!


Brilliant piece of work, on time and good price

Jimmy A-29

CJ SIMPSON DIY IS A REPUTABLE COY!! I WILL SEE YOU SOON! CJ Simpson DIY is an amazing guy, professional, calm, very friendly, very timely, helpful and above all he is SUPER AFFORDABLE!! 👌💯He does a very neat job and I feel I was lucky to get him sort my blinds out plus helped me to cut cost! I will recommend him over and over again . Thank you very much once AGAIN!!!


Good service Good value Friendly and cheerful guy who does jobs on affordable prices. I will recommend him 100%


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